What children teach us: SIMPLICITY


Two days ago it was a sunny cool day, so I started thinking where I could take my daughter outside to breathe some fresh air. I don’t know why, but usually the first places that come into my mind are kind of far to reach, as if I’m always looking for something “special” to do. So this would mean to take a car, to spend at least one hour away and it would take a little stress. But this time I just asked her.

“Where would you like to go?”.

“Why don’t we take a walk here down the street so that I can find three big leaves to take back home?”.

So we went.

We reached a small lawn with a bench and we sat down. “Look at the sky! How high the birds fly!”. How wonderful.

Then it was fun watching two cats playing with each other and also a few chickens that came to us maybe because they thought we were going to feed them, but hey, unfortunately we had come just to say hi.

“Look mum! These leaves are perfect! I’ll take one for me, one for dad and one for you!”.

What can look obvious and simple for us, is instead something extraordinary for a child. The world is full of wonderful things but we are usually too use to them or too in a hurry to notice them; children teach us to rediscover simplicity.


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