What children teach us: TO TURN NEGATIVE INTO POSITIVE


(This post is not to be read by a child).

Today I went with my daughter to the pediatrician. While waiting, an old woman came in with her daughter and her sick grandchild. After a while, she started asking me some questions about me and my personal life (I really do not like when this happens).

“Is your husband a good man?”.

“A very good man indeed.”.

Then she started telling me about the worst and cruel things she heard of.

A man who killed his wife and son. Some crazy guy who put acid on his girlfriend’s face. Then she said she would take these people and she would cut them into pieces and eat them. (Sorry if I tell you the whole story, but I want you to understand how big my panic was).

So in this terrible situation, I held my daughter as close to me as I could, trying to understand if she could get what the grandma was saying (I really hoped not).

The answer came soon.

My daughter started singing in a very low voice. I guess when children do that it’s exactly because they don’t want to listen to what one is saying.

I felt so in panic, I didn’t know what to do. So I tried to quit the woman’s last sentences with a couple of “Eh” and then I took a book and showed it to my daughter.

Once at home, I was helping my little lady to take off her shoes and I looked into her eyes.

“You know, some people can speak only about bad things.”

“And why?”

“Maybe because they are afraid.”

“Why are they afraid?”

“Because they are weak. It takes much more strength to be happy, and it’s a lot easier to be sad. And we are strong.”

She smiled.