Advent calendar

_MG_1344 copia

For this past Christmas I felt like creating an advent calendar for my daughter which we could use again and again and it could be washed if needed.

So… here is my project!

It’s not difficult to make but it takes a bit of time. (That’s why I actually started sewing it in November and finished it one month later… Hem 🙂 ). But anyway this is the result!!!


What I did first is cut the numbers out of red light felt and then I did the same with the vlieseline. Then I cut the squares with the gold reindeer (by the way, isn’t that extremely cute???) and I ironed the three pieces together to fix the numbers on the fabric. Be sure you iron on the fabric side, not on the felt, because otherwise it will stick on the iron.

Then I sewed them together like this:

_MG_1344 copia

After that I cut a white fabric into squares to make the pockets lining and I sewed the squares together on the wrong sides.

I turned the squares inside out and just sewed them with a zigzag on the red fabric basis.


When I sewed the basis sides I made two spaces on the top and on the bottom to put two sticks in order to make everything more structured.

Immagine Immagine

That’s it!!!

Am I missing anything…? Oh yes! The funniest part!!!

To fill the pockets with cute tiny surprises!


Happy sewing!!!



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