Beach glass necklace

_MG_4860 - Copia copia

This past summer I went to the seaside. The weather was not really that good but who cares, my daughter was always busy by discovering the world and somehow me too. I love being on the beach and looking for treasures: shells, wood sticks, stones… and glass pieces. 

_MG_4841 - Copia copia

I have to say that I started collecting them because I didn’t want my kid (or any other) to step on one of those, I was afraid she could hurt herself as they were A LOT everywhere. My purpose was to throw them away in the garbage later, but I had an idea: “what if I try to make a necklace using them with DAS (air drying modelling clay)?” So I did.

Here the steps about how I made it:

1. Work and press a ball of DAS.

_MG_4844 - Copia copia

2. Shape the form you like (I used a cookie mold).

_MG_4845 - Copia copia

3. Make a hole for the string.

_MG_4846 - Copia copia

4. Press the glass pieces on the form. Press it well because DAS is kind of hard. Leave the cookie mold while doing that so it won’t loose its shape. (If you leave the toothpick as well as I did please don’t sneeze!!!)

_MG_4848 - Copia copia

5. Take off the mold and let it dry for one day.

_MG_4850 - Copia copia

6. Finish your pendant with sandpaper.

_MG_4854 - Copia copia

7. Add a string and a bead.

_MG_4856 - Copia copia

8. Here I put some iron thread to make some funny spirals.

_MG_4857 - Copia copia

What do you think about it? I found it very pretty and love the colors. I like that on some glass you can see numbers or some kind of decorations.

If you are looking for other ideas about how to use glass pieces here you can find a couple I like:

– necklace from “Diario di una creamamma” HERE

– decoration from “Diario di una creamamma” HERE


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