Beach glass necklace

_MG_4860 - Copia copia

This past summer I went to the seaside. The weather was not really that good but who cares, my daughter was always busy by discovering the world and somehow me too. I love being on the beach and looking for treasures: shells, wood sticks, stones… and glass pieces. 

_MG_4841 - Copia copia

I have to say that I started collecting them because I didn’t want my kid (or any other) to step on one of those, I was afraid she could hurt herself as they were A LOT everywhere. My purpose was to throw them away in the garbage later, but I had an idea: “what if I try to make a necklace using them with DAS (air drying modelling clay)?” So I did.

Here the steps about how I made it:

1. Work and press a ball of DAS.

_MG_4844 - Copia copia

2. Shape the form you like (I used a cookie mold).

_MG_4845 - Copia copia

3. Make a hole for the string.

_MG_4846 - Copia copia

4. Press the glass pieces on the form. Press it well because DAS is kind of hard. Leave the cookie mold while doing that so it won’t loose its shape. (If you leave the toothpick as well as I did please don’t sneeze!!!)

_MG_4848 - Copia copia

5. Take off the mold and let it dry for one day.

_MG_4850 - Copia copia

6. Finish your pendant with sandpaper.

_MG_4854 - Copia copia

7. Add a string and a bead.

_MG_4856 - Copia copia

8. Here I put some iron thread to make some funny spirals.

_MG_4857 - Copia copia

What do you think about it? I found it very pretty and love the colors. I like that on some glass you can see numbers or some kind of decorations.

If you are looking for other ideas about how to use glass pieces here you can find a couple I like:

– necklace from “Diario di una creamamma” HERE

– decoration from “Diario di una creamamma” HERE


Earrings in a frame

_MG_4207 copia

This is a simple project, but very versatile and of a big impact. 

I was looking for a place where I could keep my earrings orderly, and then I found this brand new frame I bought some time ago.

What I did is easy and fast.

What you need:

_MG_4208 copia

Take off the back of the frame and place your pieces of string on the back side using a tape. Be careful to push it a bit following the design of the frame, otherwise when you’ll set all the pieces together it will pull and tear out.

Choose the distance you like according to the size of your earrings (I choosed 7 cm from each string).

_MG_4202 copia


_MG_4203 copia

Then put the frame back together adding on the front a coloured sheet. My sheet is a light pink one made out of recycled paper.

_MG_4204 copia


It is versatile because you can either place it on a forniture or hang it on the wall!

Do you like it?

Smeralda and Martino


A few days ago I felt like sewing a doll for my daughter and I found this free pattern from Martha Stewart which I think is super cute!!!

I like the drawing of the girl hair, but my daughter wanted a boy, that’s why I sewed two!

(Actually they are so funny to make that I could go over and over and make thousands of them…:) )

By printing the pattern Martha says to enlarge 150%, but I did only 120% and I suggest you not to print it smaller otherwise the arms and the legs will be way too difficult to turn inside out once sewed.

My daughter of course choosed their names (and put them to sleep in her doll bed as soon as they were ready :D).

Here you are…





For the boy I modified the pattern myself, by drawing the inside of the pants and by erasing the hair sides of the girl.

Welcome home Smeralda and Martino!!!

The “Octopus-pocket” Dress!


I like it when a creation “creates itself”! I had not planned anything for that old t-shirt, then I saw it among my fabrics to reuse and at first I thought I was going to make a skirt out of it, but it came out a dress!!!

I would like to share with you the way I made it.

First of all, I cut off the neck and shoulders’ seams.

_MG_1800 copia

Then I placed a satin ribbon on the wrong side in order to put an elastic band to shape the dress.

_MG_1802 copia

_MG_1804 copia

I sewed the elastic and closed the ribbon.

_MG_1805 copia

Actually I found it pretty even this way, but it was on the wrong side so I had to turn it inside out 🙂

_MG_1806 copia

Since my intention was to sew a funny pocket on it I did not want it to look too complicated.

To find inspiration I looked at my animal-bookmarks and thought the Octopus would have been perfect!!!

So I drew the pieces and cut them off.

_MG_1808 copia

_MG_1809 copia

Then I sewed the face.

_MG_1811 copia

And the tentacles on the wrong side and turned them inside out (I know they should be eight, but that would have been too much :P).

_MG_1812 copia

In order to sew all the pieces together, that’s how I did:

_MG_1813 copia

_MG_1814 copia

To be sure that by sewing I wouldn’t have sewed the tentacles in between, I placed some pins.

_MG_1815 copia

I left an opening on the head in order to be able to turn the octopus inside out, then sewed it close.

_MG_1816 copia

Finally I could sew it on the dress. I did it just around the head, leaving the opening for the pocket, because I wanted it to have flippy floppy tentacles!

(Here a picture with his inspiration)

_MG_1896 copia

The shoulders were of course too large for a child, so at first I pinned the back as shown and then sewed it with a cute elastic stitch.

_MG_1892 copia

_MG_1981 copia

For the shoulders I created two fabric tubes with the same fantasy as the octopus.

_MG_1982 copia

_MG_1984 copia

_MG_1985 copia

Here you are!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!!


Advent calendar

_MG_1344 copia

For this past Christmas I felt like creating an advent calendar for my daughter which we could use again and again and it could be washed if needed.

So… here is my project!

It’s not difficult to make but it takes a bit of time. (That’s why I actually started sewing it in November and finished it one month later… Hem 🙂 ). But anyway this is the result!!!


What I did first is cut the numbers out of red light felt and then I did the same with the vlieseline. Then I cut the squares with the gold reindeer (by the way, isn’t that extremely cute???) and I ironed the three pieces together to fix the numbers on the fabric. Be sure you iron on the fabric side, not on the felt, because otherwise it will stick on the iron.

Then I sewed them together like this:

_MG_1344 copia

After that I cut a white fabric into squares to make the pockets lining and I sewed the squares together on the wrong sides.

I turned the squares inside out and just sewed them with a zigzag on the red fabric basis.


When I sewed the basis sides I made two spaces on the top and on the bottom to put two sticks in order to make everything more structured.

Immagine Immagine

That’s it!!!

Am I missing anything…? Oh yes! The funniest part!!!

To fill the pockets with cute tiny surprises!


Happy sewing!!!