My first Washi-tape!

_MG_0115 copia

I got my first Washi-tape!!!

Hem.. actually… a bunch of them. 🙂

I mean, aren’t they super cute??

Still have to figure out what to do with them, but I know there are plenty of possibilities.

So… Stay tuned!

_MG_0116 copia


New glasses!

_MG_1108 copia


Sometimes I think it’s just good to make ourselves a present.

In this case, I had just thought that I needed new glasses for my kitchen, when I walked in a store and… BABAM! they were there, waiting for me!!! 

I fell in love with them, and I picked two for each color.

Good thing is you can put them in one another to store them well.

_MG_1113 copia


And I love that they have small drawings on the inside.

_MG_1117 copia



Aren’t they cute?? 🙂