“Greta” T-shirt

_MG_3392 - Copia (2) copia

We were invited to the birthday party of one of my friend’s daughter, so what’s better then a semi-home made present???

All I had to do was going to the shop and looking for a cute simple T-shirt. (Which was actually NOT easy at all, as almost every T-shirt has either a drawing or something written on it…But in the end I managed it 🙂 ).

So, this was what I bought:

_MG_3387 - Copia copia

My idea was to add the kid’s name, so I printed it and cut it our (buy the way, if you like the font I used it’s called “Chilling” on Microsoft Word). Then, after giving a piece of thick paper in between the two pieces of fabric, I filled the stencil with white fabric painting by using a piece of foam. Once dry, I ironed on wrong side in order to fix it on the fabric (just follow the instrucion you’ll find on the painting color).

_MG_3999 copia

Then I added a faux papillon because I thought it looked well with the writing… Kind of “jazzy”!!!

(Plus I LOVE papillons… on the girls too!!!) 🙂


Bookmarks – Animals

What do you think about these bookmarks???


Actually I made them a long time ago, but I still find them very pretty (and funny looking too).

I used wood waxing sticks (yep, waxing ones, but I promise, they were new :P) and acrylic paint for the basis.

The animals are made of polymer clay, the type you must put in the oven to make it hard.

Ahah maybe Pac-man in the end doesn’t have much to do with the other ones, but that time I was kind of in love with it so I made it (and I have to say it was the most difficult to make because I didn’t use any tools for the clay).

Do you like them?

I cannot decide which one is my favorite. The starfish? The owl? I dunno.

How about you???