“Greta” T-shirt

_MG_3392 - Copia (2) copia

We were invited to the birthday party of one of my friend’s daughter, so what’s better then a semi-home made present???

All I had to do was going to the shop and looking for a cute simple T-shirt. (Which was actually NOT easy at all, as almost every T-shirt has either a drawing or something written on it…But in the end I managed it πŸ™‚ ).

So, this was what I bought:

_MG_3387 - Copia copia

My idea was to add the kid’s name, so I printed it and cut it our (buy the way, if you like the font I used it’s called “Chilling” on Microsoft Word). Then, after giving a piece of thick paper in between the two pieces of fabric, I filled the stencil with white fabric painting by using a piece of foam. Once dry, I ironed on wrong side in order to fix it on the fabric (just follow the instrucion you’ll find on the painting color).

_MG_3999 copia

Then I added a faux papillon because I thought it looked well with the writing… Kind of “jazzy”!!!

(Plus I LOVE papillons… on the girls too!!!) πŸ™‚


The “Octopus-pocket” Dress!


I like it when a creation “creates itself”! I had not planned anything for that old t-shirt, then I saw it among my fabrics to reuse and at first I thought I was going to make a skirt out of it, but it came out a dress!!!

I would like to share with you the way I made it.

First of all, I cut off the neck and shoulders’ seams.

_MG_1800 copia

Then I placed a satin ribbon on the wrong side in order to put an elastic band to shape the dress.

_MG_1802 copia

_MG_1804 copia

I sewed the elastic and closed the ribbon.

_MG_1805 copia

Actually I found it pretty even this way, but it was on the wrong side so I had to turn it inside out πŸ™‚

_MG_1806 copia

Since my intention was to sew a funny pocket on it I did not want it to look too complicated.

To find inspiration I looked at my animal-bookmarksΒ and thought the Octopus would have been perfect!!!

So I drew the pieces and cut them off.

_MG_1808 copia

_MG_1809 copia

Then I sewed the face.

_MG_1811 copia

And the tentacles on the wrong side and turned them inside out (I know they should be eight, but that would have been too much :P).

_MG_1812 copia

In order to sew all the pieces together, that’s how I did:

_MG_1813 copia

_MG_1814 copia

To be sure that by sewing I wouldn’t have sewed the tentacles in between, I placed some pins.

_MG_1815 copia

I left an opening on the head in order to be able to turn the octopus inside out, then sewed it close.

_MG_1816 copia

Finally I could sew it on the dress. I did it just around the head, leaving the opening for the pocket, because I wanted it to have flippy floppy tentacles!

(Here a picture with his inspiration)

_MG_1896 copia

The shoulders were of course too large for a child, so at first I pinned the back as shown and then sewed it with a cute elastic stitch.

_MG_1892 copia

_MG_1981 copia

For the shoulders I created two fabric tubes with the same fantasy as the octopus.

_MG_1982 copia

_MG_1984 copia

_MG_1985 copia

Here you are!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!!